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5 Ways eCEOs boost your project management cycle

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5 Ways eCEOs boost your project management cycle

eCEOs is a pioneer in the Digital Project Management domain and ensures multiple ways that your projects are successful.

Projects are of three types, based on the project outcomes (Reference a project management hot-selling book: Farewell to Failure)

Type A: Smooth Delivery: The project is perfect execution. It is delivered on time, within budget, and meets the project owner’s expectations. Team members enjoy a positive experience throughout the duration of the project.

Type B: Hard Landing: The project is completed but goes through a lot of pain for completion. The pain could be of many forms like firefighting, low team morale, finger-pointing, etc. The upside is the project is completed but it takes a toll on other related aspects.

Type C: Crashed & Burned: The project fails and is not able to meet most of its objectives. The project team or the organization is held responsible for not completing the project. There could be a possibility that all project costs are also not settled. The project also goes through the pains mentioned in Type B projects.

eCEOs help organizations to have Type A outcomes. We achieve that via the following competencies.

1. Single view of the project, available in real-time:

Single view of the project in realtime

The bottleneck in most of the projects is having the project progress status. There are only a few personnel like Project Manager, Program Manager, etc. who possibly have a more accurate picture. The Project stakeholders and Management rely on these individuals and contact them frequently for Project statuses.

eCEOs have taken this bottleneck out of the equation. We auto-generate the project status, combining all elements like budget, scheduling, current completion rate, documentation, and approval status, etc. to auto-generate the project status which is available in real-time.

2. Dashboards and key metrics tracking for all project management aspects:

Dashboards and key metrics for project management
The project should have a single view on all key parameters including a budget, inventory, etc. on a real-time basis. We have developed metrics and dashboards, which are also customizable to have this view at any point. This information comes in handy for quick decision-making during any project phase.

3. Digital Project Management Academy (DPMA), to upskill the project members:

DPMA to upskill project members

During the project, if there is a need to upskill team members, to acquire new skills, it is possible via eCEOs. Some examples can be learning Project management aspects like Schedule Management, maintaining issue logs, learning automated testing tools like HP ALM, QA tools, SAP modules, etc. We have a team of excellent trainers to support the project teams to upskill.

4. Experts to support project execution:

Experts to support project execution

eCEOs have a team of project management experts across various domains and industries to support our customers in project management execution. The assistance is in the form of some expert advice, just a casual check-in, or even some support required during project execution. The Panel of experts is always available, to collaborate with our customers.

5. Beyond planning, tracking, and features:

Most of the project management suites or tools compare and compete on planning, tracking, and features level. Some of the examples are features such as feeds and forums, charts and reports, schedule tracking, etc. We have observed that even when the metrics look good, there is a possibility that the project is not on track.

eCEOs have developed methodologies and mechanisms to even tap those undercurrents by measuring stakeholder sentiments, Quality Assurance approaches, and communication strategies to ensure we have the accurate project pulse!