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Why is eCEOs a great one-stop solution for your Project Management needs?

Why is eCEOs a great one-stop solution for your Project Management needs?

One stop solution

Project Management is vast and comprehensive that has no right answer for success. It is subjective and objective, simple and complicated, and art as well as science. eCEOs offer an array of successful experiences, across domains, constantly updated by our execution experiences and conveyed by project management software – EPMPro.

Project success is a combination of things – starting with communication to stakeholders but more importantly, having a single view of the project progress covers a mile in making a project successful.

How will you be successful with eCEOs?

1. Digital Project Management:

All projects are turning digital, and we have embodied digital integration for the last decade. The team gets real-time insights into the project instantly, turning project status activity irrelevant!!

2. Communication Approach:

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Communication is the most important factor. All successful projects, wherein the project size is of a David or a Goliath, would have aced communications across all stakeholders. eCEOs have put a lot of focus to carry and leverage project information across status updates and dashboards.

3. EPMPro- One software for everything:

Project management software that covers all aspects: A software that gives you updates, emails any dashboard the moment you want it, and is beyond the schedule and Gantt chart the contemporaries provide. Project execution is a lot more than schedule tacking and hence the software has to ensemble all project management aspects.

EPMPro provides risk and issues management, document management, version control, health statuses, project financials and budget management, resource management, project activities tracking and anything that relates to project management. This software does the work equivalent to 8-10 software touching different aspects of project management. EPMPro delivers one single view and status for the project. This is not achieved even by a combination of multiple project management software available in the market

4. Effective Document & Knowledge Management:

Why is eCEOs best
Documents are very important project artifacts. We provide a comprehensive document management strategy that encapsulates the level of access, editing capabilities, access logs, and even the ability to make changes concurrently. The integration is at such a level that the missing document notification can be sent to the respective document owners. The status is reflected in the overall project status and of course, this is auto-generated.

5. Experts across industries, available to steer the ship and training:

We walk the talk. We have a team of experts who help with system onboarding and other related support. If the project needs any support in terms of experts or needs direction when it hits rough waters, we jump in and support the team. We also provide training via Digital Project Management Academy (DPMA) and share our knowledge and experiences of managing many projects. We believe knowledge is further enhanced when it’s shared.

6. Customization across anything that is project management:

The only constant is change, which holds true for Project Management. Requirements, scope, features, timeline, and even people change during the project journey. eCEOs is also highly flexible in its approach. The entire project management solution stack is flexible to cater to the unique needs of the project, be it via customization in dashboards, the inclusion of new metrics, we do everything to support the team in achieving the project objectives, together we stand !!