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Covid 19 & Organizational Change Response – Are you ready?

The Day After Covid-19: Are you ready for "new normal"?

A new normal has arrived, and it is here to stay for the foreseeable future affecting your lifestyle and business. We are now facing new challenges as you pivot and adapt quickly to achieve the best outcomes in these trying times. Some people may want to look and see what is going to happen in the future and do nothing but along the challenges, there are also new opportunities that born together. This is in the form of new online communication media to replace physical meeting either for business or education purposes. By better understanding and closely tracking the new normal of customer’s behaviour and by working from home (WFH) will be a new trend that people begin to implement new business strategies and future norms.

Failure is not an option for you to consider, by doing nothing your tendency to fail is high and the lack of “technology adoption, strategy and planning” will make the situation worst.How people can survive and generate new income during the MCO/CMCO are two main topics that people have to crack head to find solution. Do not wait for government or your employer to help, it will not come! Do not wait for the MCO/CMCO to end soon, it will not happen! You must react now or else the paradigm has shifted and left you alone to struggle without knowing that your mothership is starting to shrink.

How can we identify COVID-19 high risk areas? How can we ensure our destination or the places we are now working, shopping, or socializing are safe? How would we so certain that the person we have just met over a short meeting was not the Coronavirus carrier? It is important to understand that the virus will be around for quite a while, experts are saying at least for another 2 years.

What shall we do?

How shall we resume work? How shall we minimize exposure while at work?

If we work from home, how would employers manage workers?

Technology today has enabled millions of people to communicate, so many business friendly tools that available today but to get along with technology sometime could be a problematics area that you may need an expert to assist you. The eCEOs with vast experiences in setting up Microsoft Team Platform will be able to enlighten the burden of technology complexity. We are here to be with you during this tumbling time, put your trust on us, we will ensure you that we will produce excellent resultsand more important our team is capable to help you to overcome those challenges.

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